Valentine Surprise on the HMS President


Orgasm Coach versus Doctor Vagina at a Pre-Valentine Pampering Party 

Not knowing what to expect and on entering the bar of HMS President moored at Temple opposite the OXO Tower, we met amongst others Orgasm Coach Dr. Lisa Turner who holds meetings and offers advice (to those who need it) on Tantric sex and how to achieve an on-going, marathon sexual experience with multiple orgasms!

Well, a lot of people besides Indians and Chinese have heard about Tantric sex - the West is catching up on the semen catcher.  But just imagine all the semen produced on Valentine's Day turning into love lakes enough to produce a population for another world...

We sat at Dr. Lisa Turner's table and had a good long chat and a laugh with Lisa discussing female sexual prowess and transmuting of energy.  Oh, the discussion then turned to Albert Einstein and his theory of Relativity and the speed of light and Einstein's fascination of light but, was he also fascinated by the shapely female form, pudenda or ‘pussy power!'  Sigmund Freud on the other hand would probably have been thrilled and in his element if he'd been at our table sipping a mango cocktail and discussing ‘free association' with us.

It was a fascinating & fun Ladies only evening's entertainment (to spare their blushes men weren't allowed in) with a brief fashion show showcasing Jeminee Solanki's sexy lingerie and evening wear designed to raise temperatures and encourage passionate Valentine orgasms.   Solanki garments are made by Indian women who have been abused - a chance to give those women a future and work that's well-paid.

After the fashion show the outrageous and funny MC (for the night) Samantha Backman the Vagina Doctor, homotoxicologist, CEO and Healthcare Practitioner continued to engage us with her talk on the female lower regions and jokes on sexual power-sharing and stimulation of the ‘G' spot with her specially designed mango juicer!

The event ended with Ny a lovely young R&B singer who sang 3 songs sweetly after which we mingled with models and guests before returning to the bar for further animated chat with 'vaginas & orgasms' ringing in our ears and creating enough energy to rock the boat...

Article by Amita Chatterji  Photos by Gina Chrysanthou  ©


Fashion Designer Jeminee Solanki (in magenta) with her models.


                                 Orgasm Coach Dr Lisa Turner


       Samantha Backman                   Designer Jeminee Solanki




Jeminee Solanki Fashion


                                                              R n B Singer Ny

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