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Before the January sales have even finished shops start stocking up on confectionary and cards reminding people Valentine's Day is approaching.  Stores display traditional heart shaped gift boxes with chocolates and candy attractively decorated in pink and red wrapping tempting the romantic consumer. 

Whether you are a romantic lover, love sick, love rat or even loveless, Valentine's Day can hardly be ignored as it's massively marketed everywhere.  Sales of champagne and flowers increase particularly scented red roses being the favourite choice and are usually sold out during that period.     

The practice of men and women professing their love for one another in a handwritten letter or poem has become obsolete and romantic communication has been downsized to sending emails with computer generated images.  Sent daily are teasing text messages, flirts on Facebook, instant online chat or even the exchange of X- rated images and film clips for those who enjoy an erotic thrill.  A quirky object of love as seen on TV could this also be the latest craze, a life-sized inflatable doll as a kinky Valentine option!  A far distance from romantic heroes of the past who should be an inspiration to people today - is true romantic love as scarce as the rarest diamond.

For the true romantic any day of the year is Valentine's Day if a thoughtful gesture as in a surprise exciting rendezvous was to be arranged or an unusual gift was to be presented to the loved one. 

So for all lovers everywhere, make it a memorable and special Valentine's Day and let it be the revival of a new romantic age.

By Gina Chrysanthou ©

Scroll down for some ideas for Valentine's Day outings and to read Farrago Slam Competition winning Poem ‘Vernal Valentine' by Amita Chatterji plus view special selection of images featuring famous lovers.



A fierce fire within me you managed to spark
Thank you for sending me your "Hallmark,"

Card of fine lace and pretty pink heart
Won't suffice, but will do for a start

Let's celebrate together the festival of love
Make me coo softly like a turtle dove!

We'll wallow in Venus's sensual glow
As melodies from mouths of Muses flow

Love lingers in eyes and below the girdle,
Easy when you overcome the initial hurdle

Love should be more than man's eager thrust -
Avec un peu de passion and a modicum of lust!

Let's put out the fire with a jug of eau,
Come, be my vernal valentine be my BEAU.

by Amita Chatterji © Published by The Asian Age

IMAGES below of famous lovers:

Left: Brad & Angelina - today's true life lovers; Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton as Anthony & Cleopatra.

Devdas1  FilmSamDelilah

Left: Aishwarya Rai & Shah Rukh Khan in Devdas; Victor Mature & Hedy Lamarr in Samson & Delilah

PaintingSamDelilah  RudolphValentino

Left: Samson & Delilah by John Rigaud; 1920's Screen lover Rudoplh Valentino in Blood & Sand 

Ideas for Valentine's Day outings

‘ROMANZA - A JOURNEY OF LOVE AND ROMANCE' -  Wembley Arena 7-10th February 08

A ‘Holiday on Ice' musical show promises to be an entertaining showcase with scenes from classical and modern love stories Anthony & Cleopatra, Madame Butterfly, Romeo & Juliet and from musicals Grease and Dirty Dancing.  Principal cast includes Kyran Bracken the UK winner of TV show ‘Dancing on Ice' and champion Ice skaters from US, Europe and Russia.

For further info and tickets view:

CABARET D'AMOUR Valentine's Eve Party with Tricity Vogue & Friends

Wednesday 13th February 08 at The Pigalle Club www.thepigalleclub or 

KITSCH LOUNGE RIOT Valentine's Special ''Songs for Swingin' Lovers!''  Thursday 14th February 08 at The Pigalle Club                                or

Chinawhite Thursday 14 February 08   Valentines Day 'with an evening of music from Stuart Peters playing the classic sound of the Rat Pack.'

MIDNIGHT LOUNGE EVENTS & B4U in association with UTV MOTION PICTURES Present 'JODHAA AKBAR' VALENTINES SPECIAL  Movie Launch Party Saturday 16th February 08 at the exclusive PROHIBITION 

‘TANGO POR DOS MIGUEL ANGEL ZOTTO'S BUENOS AIRES TANGO' -  Sadler's Wells Peacock Theatre     29 January - 23rd February 08

Expect to be seduced by the feverish footwork of Argentinean dancers and see the sexy Tango performed in a show celebrating Tango from past to present.  The Buenos Aires dance show features dancers, singers and music from Argentina's internationally acclaimed Tango Company.

For further info and tickets view:


London Coliseum St Martin's Lane  25th- 30th March

The Shakespearean story will be interpreted in Ballet by the world class Stuttgart Ballet Company.  Ballet dancers will wear Renaissance style costumes with the love story set in Verona - the show sounds like an enjoyable outing for Ballet devotees.

For further info and tickets view:

‘GONE WITH THE WIND' - New London Theatre 5th April to 27 September.

The classic Margaret Mitchell novel will be adapted for stage as a musical relating the story of Scarlet O' Hara and Rhett Butler originally played in the film by Vivian Leigh and Clark Gable, two of the most captivating movie stars of all time.  The love story set in Atlanta during the civil war still remains one of the most popular romantic films of the golden age. 

For further info and tickets view:

IMAGES of famous lovers continued below:

RudolphValentino  donjuan

Left: Rudolph Valentino; Don Juan legendary fictional figure

Shah&MumtazMahal  RamaSita

Left: Lovers Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal; Rama & Sita

KarmaSutra  KarmaSutra2

Paintings of lovers, Karma Sutra

SolomanSheba  SlaveLove

Left: Yul Brynner & Gina Lollobrigida in Soloman & Sheba; Embraces in garden of love

'The Kiss' by Rodin




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