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1.  Check This Out Grand Masters at Trafalgar Sq to LFW        Somerset House Sun 20 Sept 09

On our way to Somerset House during the opening weekend of London Fashion Week Gina and I stopped off at Trafalgar Square.  There, to our surprise we saw a gigantic, fantastic black and white ceramic chess set decorated with gold.  The chess set a huge attraction and masterly show piece for the London Design Festival was created by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon and inspired by the ‘city of London.'  The gleaming chess set stood upon a large platform, Tournament in progress with players on chairs at each end watched by many visitors sitting on the steps of Trafalgar Square. 

While on the Fourth plinth (Sculptor Anthony Gormley's One & Other Live Art quest) we saw a man struggling to be heard as he read out ‘something' to people standing below who shouted at him "can't hear you, louder!  Speak up!'' which was a pity as we couldn't hear him. 

We then left for Somerset House a great riverside base for London Fashion Week. Had a coffee, watched the fashionistas come and go then browsed and weaved through high-ceilinged rooms where designers were exhibiting a wealth of luxurious garments, shoes, hats and accessories. 

The entire day was focused on the visual arts and state of the art creations - it was a visually exciting and stimulating day for us.
By Amita Chatterji © Photos

Photos below Giant Chess Tournament Trafalgar Square









Below: Man on Fourth Plinth - A Gormley's One & Other Live Art


Photos below London Fashion Week Somerset House











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2.  A La Mode Fashion Show Sat 19 Sept 09

The opulent Betjemen Suite at the Charing Cross Hotel bathed in rose and green hues with sculpted ceiling angels gazing down at all was the stage for the ‘A La Mode' Catwalk show presented by Marian Okai.

Gina and I were sitting in the front row sipping pink fizz when Gina started taking photos at the venue prior to the event.

First collection was ‘Coco' by Mazelino with predominantly black and white chic ensembles and dresses in soft silk beautifully capturing Chanel's era of high fashion and pearls - a classic collection.

Next was an unusual show of embellishments for clothing in the form of abstract frilly collars and hoods to be worn with outfits as accessories - the designers were Marthe Aime a young brother and sister act from Paris.

A musical interlude followed when Gabrielle Alpin a sweet sixteen year old sang soulful songs and played the guitar - both her performances at the event were amazing.

Third was the Moixa brand showcasing attractive ruched, flowing garments introducing pleats to the season.

Monica Couture followed bringing eastern influence to some of her fluid and feminine evening wear with much sea green while rose buds sprung from dress sleeves and appeared on dress panels in her new collection.

The finale showcased Guate Goat's chunky collection of handsome leather bags - Islington-based, he also designs clothes and produces bespoke handbags.

Amusing observation: a ‘chicken fillet' (more like a frog fillet it was so small) worn under a dress by one of the models nearly popped out but the model in question contained herself and prevented the fillet from landing on the lap of one of the spectators...

By Amita Chatterji © Photos by Gina Chrysanthou









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