Trafalgar Square Sprouts Grass and A Few Odd Balls


Grass grows in unusual places and now it’s growing in

Trafalgar Square but, the grass is not here to stay, it’s only here for the Bank holiday…what a pity.


It’s not the kind of grass people roll up in a Rizla and

puff away on a sunny day smoking their cares away –

this is soft green grass sprouting way below Nelson’s feet cladding the famous Square with tufts of green.

Not a metre of free space is seen anywhere as people

picnic there and tired bums and bodies graze and bask

on the virgin, moist grass enjoying the experience.

What a difference a patch of green makes to any corner

of London, the emerald turf attracts us mortals as honey

does to a bee and you see and meet the world out there.

Even the Landseer lions approve and gaze gracefully across allowing children to ride on their backs and sit between their powerful paws.  What a splendid sight and lovely London scene and it’s here we met Brian and his pal Andy camcorder in hand making a film in which Gina and I featured grabbing B’s bag of cupcakes and fleeing…what fun! 

Brian who was in transit called himself the

“Pink, Paper-bag Man” dressed in a pink satin dressing

gown wearing a brown paper bag over his head looking

most eccentric in his odd attire in the middle of  Trafalgar Square, the blue-eyed blond also wore a charming smile.

What would Nelson have said if he’d seen Brian in pink:

“Have you got any brains Brian under that brown bag?

And why are you wearing your sister’s dressing gown,

have you lost your mind and lost your clothes too?” 

Don’t think Nelson would have understood cross-dressing!


By Amita Chattterji © First posted on website 24/5/07







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