Post Oscars Celebration & Pukka PR Founder's B'day


Post Oscars Brit Celebration & Pukka PR Founder Gina's Birthday at Raffles

After bagging the best of the BAFTA's, Danny Boyle's film Slumdog Millionaire surpassed all expectations and won a lucky eight Oscars overwhelming all at the Oscars ceremony and becoming one of the most highly acclaimed and talked about British Asian films so far this year.  Added bonus was another British success with Kate Winslet's long awaited Oscar win for her part in The Reader.  Movie buffs were delighted with the elevation of the British film industry reaching such dizzy heights rarely been seen in recent years.  Hope this new found success for the Brits continues year after year. 

With Slumdog Millionaire it was good to see a very gritty realistic story materialise and brought to the silver screen rather than the usual Bollywood themed film which is also entertaining.  It was such an innovative idea of Boyle's to recruit real children from the slums of Bombay to act in the film in which they did so well and astounded everyone and it was heartwarming to watch the children play their parts so convincingly.   The film has not only broken box office records but has helped to launch the unknown child stars from Bombay and the two young principal players Dev Patel and Freida Pinto acting alongside one of Bollywood's greatest stars Anil Kapoor whose status has now crossed over to mainstream cinema.

On Saturday 14th March a post Oscars celebration and Hollywood glamour themed party was arranged at the long established private members club Raffles in Chelsea where guests arrived elegantly attired inspired by movie stars and as I admire both contemporary fashion and that from the golden era, I too enjoyed dressing up for the occasion.  Here I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with family and a genuine set of fantastic friends, diving into a delicious creamy chocolate cake washed down with a swirl of champagne whilst an array of camera flashbulbs lit up the club and friends were seen dancing merrily on the circular pink podium to the sounds of wild Bongo beats and House music.  And Aki your photos for this event are first class, well done!

Article By Gina Chrysanthou © Photos below by Photographer Aki Bg for Pukka PR with additional photos by Amita Chatterji and Zak Ahad, full photo collection with many more pics in Gallery via the link, please click to view: Pukka+PR+Founder+Gina+Birthday+at+Raffles













© Photos above by Photographer Aki Bg with additional photos by Amita Chatterji - full collection with many more pics in Gallery via the link, please click to view: Pukka+PR+Founder+Gina+Birthday+at+Raffles


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