Inauguration of Barack Obama & the Arrival of Hope


Inauguration of Barack Obama and the Arrival of Hope

Has Hope arrived with fresh face manifesting in the form of President Barack Hussein Obama ready to tackle the current American and global economic crisis and nightmare - perhaps one term in office is insufficient but Obama's second term could bring back stability and status quo with realization of the American dream culture.

America's finest hour in the 1st decade of this century arrived when Barack Obama took the oath of office and was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America before a highly charged emotional crowd while the world watched in admiration. 

20th January '09 the historic, memorable and euphoric day had finally come for the Obama inauguration ceremony on Capitol Hill attended by nearly two million people.  An eagle-eyed, eager mass of humanity had journeyed to Washington on an icy cold morning melding merrily to witness the inauguration proceedings and to be rewarded with fine oratory by the new Commander-in chief.

The world celebrated as soul diva Aretha Franklin sang to the tune of God Save the Queen after which Joe Biden took the oath becoming Vice President then leading poets Elizabeth Alexander and Derek Walcott read their very special poems.  Veteran civil rights campaigner Reverend Joseph Lowery delivered his benediction and amused spectators before Barack Obama took the oath of office delivering his powerful but cautious speech most eloquently as expected.

The new President spoke of renewal and what translated as a fresh approach to major issues and a positive pledge to meet obstacles and challenges -  a call to pull together to resume national pride and achieve positive results.  He addressed not only Americans but citizens of the world extending his hand in friendship and also vowed to help alleviate poverty in developing poorer lands.

America has a hands-on, pragmatic, popular President ready to give American morale a turbo boost and take on the monumental task and responsibilities of the Oval office in the White House and we at Pukka PR wish Barack Obama and his charming family every success for the future - it's not going to be a ball but hope they have time to picnic!

Some approx quotes from Barack Obama's Inauguration speech:-

"Stand here today humbled by the task before us"

"Greatness is never a gift it must be earned"

"Must pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off....and begin the work of remaking America"

"What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them"

"For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength not a hindrance"

‘The world has changed and we must change with it" Barack Obama.

By Amita Chatterji © Photos below from Inauguration ceremony/proceedings


Capitol Hill U.S         'The Beast' Cadillac  Michelle & Barack Obama


      President & Laura Bush with Michelle & Barack Obama 



    VIP Guests        Senator Ted Kennedy  Steven Spielberg           


VIP Guests   Ex President Snr Mr Bush & Mrs Bush    Ex President Jimmy Carter & Mrs Carter                                      


Malia Obama                  Ex President Bill Clinton & Hilary Clinton



                                                                           Sasha Obama


                                      Joe Biden




Aretha Franklin                                                  Aretha Franklin



Pastor Rick Warren  Poet Elizabeth Alexander Rev Joseph Lowery




President Bush leaves for Texas


President Obama & First Lady Michelle Walkabout       


Lunch at Statuory Hall


                                                                     Sir Richard Branson


Attending the ten Inauguration Balls at various venues


President Obama parties with guests



President Barack Obama & his First Lady enjoy the Inauguration celebration balls after a truly historic hectic day.




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