History of Humans in the Belly of Africa & B.Obama


In the light of the ongoing controversy of race, colour, name-calling and labelling, I'd like to introduce to our avid readers the article below ‘History of Humans...in the Belly of Africa' which was written and read by my mother during her presentation Poetry et Plus Ultra at last year's Age Concern Black History Month Celebration Day Programme at The Paul Robeson Theatre Hounslow which I attended and found the Programme very entertaining. 

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By Gina Chrysanthou

History of Humans…in the Belly of Africa

‘Black history' and the history of mankind by whatever colour we'd like to describe ourselves whether it be black, white, red, brown, pink, yellow or olive, began in prehistoric times when colour-coding didn't exist..

The birth and emergence of black history and the history of all humans as we know it was discovered in the belly of Africa's red soil where our primordial early ancestors the homo sapiens first existed from whom we've all evolved.

As there's such a diverse mix of colourful cultures in this world, I feel we shouldn't see ourselves as belonging to particular ‘colour' groups but simply as fellow citizens with civil rights maintained for each and everyone, identifying ourselves with the origin of our birth and country we live in.

I'm happy to celebrate any area of history however, if one places history in categories of colour and, one particular colour or ethnic group is singled out for our focus, then that itself reverts back to sophisticated segregation and racism in reverse. Calling people ‘black' today is one step away from the 50's & 60's when one used to hear people of African origin and Asian children being labeled ‘blackis' or ‘pakis' at school.

I can understand the need to promote past and present achievements and contributions made by Africans, Afro Caribbeans and Asians to society as a whole globally but not just to British life alone as we're all now spaced and spread out right across the globe.

The fact that racism and slavery went hand in hand for centuries and millions of people suffered and were subjected to appalling cruelty by brutal regimes, was the evil work of several so-called civilized nations.

But, in today's globalized world where colour shouldn't matter and should be defunct passé, we in Britain should perhaps also study or approach history from a global perspective also including and highlighting history of all ethnic underprivileged, oppressed groups such as:

The history of the vanquished and slaughter of Red Indians, Mexicans, Aborigines, Jews and Gypsies; the suffering of both muslims and christians during the eight Crusades, the conquests of past emperors and empire builders and the many millions of people sacrificed in the process.

So, it maybe a reasonable idea as few of us mooted out recently at an Age Concern Poetry in the Lounge session and it was suggested as it has been before, that a ‘history month' would be more appropriate. I see that as celebrating the good causes and achievements of men and women of all races and fusing ourselves into just one colour - the colourful history of mankind.
By Amita Chatterji ©

Is it dignified or respectful to be calling President-elect Barack Obama quote "the first black President" a phrase constantly heard on TV or read in newspapers/mags.

Should superficial skin tone be so focused upon and important to man/woman's appointed office, status or title?  Why dwell on colour, surely it's merit that matters.
If Barack Obama is the black President of America -
Then accordingly, is Hu Jintao the yellow President of China, P.D Patil the brown President of India, S. Berlusconi the olive President of Italy, Gordan Brown the white Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and, HM Queen Elizabeth the pink Queen of England!
By Amita Chatterji ©



Hu Jintao                         Barack Obama

Pratibha_Patil QueenInPink

Pratibha Patil                   Queen Elizabeth II


Silvio Berlusconi                      Gordon Brown


Salvador Dali Birth of New Man 1 


Calvin Klein's Birth of New Man 2 - Photo by Amita Chatterji 

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