Blue Moon over ‘Green Home’ on Precious Earth


One of the most important issues in the world today for mankind apart from achieving a Utopian peaceful society is ensuring, affirming the continuous well-being of our planet Earth and its bio diversity.

A vital task and commitment that is imperative for all governments globally is to take immediate action, tackle and pursue vigorously today's ongoing problems and the cause for climate change and its devastating effects around the world.

While some countries are already working hard to conform and change the mind set of people and nations by engaging with Kyoto Protocol targets and road map to reduce carbon emissions, other countries are not comprehending the magnitude of the problem and are not doing enough or anything.  Those countries that are not participating in any programme relating to climate change are enmeshed in only a moment in time and cannot see the bigger picture, the planet in danger not millennia ahead but in the near future.

However, it's encouraging and heartening to see countries converging at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali to start the process of shouldering responsibility to reduce ‘green house' gases and set/meet targets.

We can all each of us collectively make a difference to the green house effect, global warming, climate change and the environment by adopting new habits and making simple changes to reduce our carbon footprint in homes, when commuting, in the work place and industry.   Er...not forgetting cattle breaking wind!  They too have their part to play but I believe food and fodder for cattle is being reviewed and changed too to help reduce methane emissions...

Am glad to see the British government taking a pivotal and leading role in confronting the problems of climate change and was amused to discover on the evening of 4th December a blue moon beaming over a ‘green home' where else but in Trafalgar Square.

The model green home a good idea, featured energy-saving devices facilitating the reduction of one's carbon footprint via useful advice from the Energy Saving Trust (for more info) organized by the Mayor of London Office.

Photos below: 'Green Home' in Trafalgar Square plus Poems Precious Earth 1 and 2



Precious Earth

I Think I Love I Hope

Often I think of our precious Earth
Often I think of its baffling birth
How and when did it all begin?
Then I think of Earth's precious gifts
Then I think of its movements and drifts,
Wondering about ancestors and ancient kin.

I love Earth and some of its precious people
I love its mysteries and its tallest steeple,
Even a fertile oasis presents a surprise.
I hope forests remain forever precious green
I hope flowering meadows will always be seen
Many marvels proffered as nature's prize.

I love fresh air, the precious ozone layer,
I love the sun but shy from its glare!
Though rain freshens, feeds our many needs.
I hope pollution won't damage the precious fauna
I hope the world won't turn into a sweltering sauna!
World leaders must encourage good green deeds.

Often I think of our very precious time
Often I think to waste it is a crime,
Will pestiferous pollution accelerate world's end?
Then I think of the powerful precious mind
Then I think of thoughts that are kind,
To my friends green messages I do send.

Precious Earth 2

Do you really like the colour green
Do you truly like the grass and trees,
Do you really like the colour blue
Do you truly like the sky and seas?

Then why are you destroying our forests?
And why are you destroying our trees?
I implore you to stop and sincerely plead -
Please don't destroy forests and pollute seas.

Two thousand years from now the world will
Still be round,
But if deforestation continues, there'll be
Few trees on the ground.
So I implore you to stop and sincerely plead -
Please don't destroy forests and pollute seas.

Article, Poems and photos by Amita Chatterji © 


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