Waiting for Diana


I regrettably never had the opportunity to meet the gracious Diana Princess of Wales but I feel like many others do too that I know her now.

As I sat against a tree with my daughter beside me in front of the wrought iron gates of Kensington Palace amongst a flood of mourners, I reflected on the vivacious, romantic, full-blooded woman millions adored - like a patch of sunshine on a cloudy day.

An adoring mother who cared passionately about her family and about other people too.

We contemplated silently - we waited and watched as the tributes of flowers grew gardening and adorning the iron gates.  I tugged at tufts of grass entwining it around my fingers thinking about the happiness Diana had at last found with her companion Dodi ... she looked so radiant last time I'd seen her on TV.

We all waited, hoped that we were dreaming and we'd wake up to see beautiful Diana spectacularly manifest before us and inform us that the entire episode had been a rotten joke.                                                       

We continued to wait but she didn't appear - we had all been stunned by the incredible news of the accident and those who'd perished in it.  Then, slowly, the shocking news of the tragedy sunk in and we were all universally united in grieving for the world's most loved, charismatic and popular princess.

Diana, a legend in her time and this planet's most stylish and celebrated icon was pointlessly truncated in her prime with her new love.

A lady who'd contributed compassionately and lovingly to charities bringing comfort and joy to thousands of people ... a crusader.

An irreplaceable mother and glowing superstar who'll be etched in our hearts and memories forever.

God be with you and close to your loved ones - always.

Much love and huge hugs. 

By Amita Chatterji © (revised) published by the Telegraph's Toowrite website   


Princess Diana photo by Photographers International


Princess Diana by Mario Testino

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