The Jacksons Jammin’ at Hammersmith Apollo


I once commented in a previous article on Pukka PR website that "for me the Jacksons will always be pop music royalty, love them!" so you can imagine how thrilled I was when it was announced they were coming to perform at London's Hammersmith Apollo during their Unity Tour.  The Jacksons had not been on tour since their Victory Tour in 1984 so this was the first time they'd toured since the demise of their brother Michael Jackson in 2009.  The last time they'd reunited as a group was in 2001 during Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Special in Madison Square Garden New York.

Deniece Pearson of former 80's group Five Star was the supporting act for The Jacksons' UK tour, she performed some new material and a medley of Five Star hits. I last saw Deniece in the musical ‘Thriller Live' when she performed songs by Michael Jackson. She's an excellent singer and could easily be a member of the Jackson family herself.

After an exciting build-up the Jackson brothers Tito, Jackie, Marlon and Jermaine appeared on stage looking ever-youthful wearing cool shades opening the show with their upbeat 80's track ‘Can You Feel it.'  Being close to the stage and watching The Jacksons jammin' at Hammersmith Apollo was a fabulous treat for my family and me on the evening of 3 March 2013.

It was remarkable to see the incredible energy and great stamina The Jacksons have and their signature dance moves were better than ever.  They continuously interacted with the audience encouraging participation from the crowd during their song ‘Let Me Show You.'  Marlon kept showing off his slick dance steps, spinning on his heels and sliding from side to side - he particularly enjoyed the limelight.

Tito asked the audience ‘‘Don't you wanna hear the early stuff?'' to which Marlon responded "only if we do it how we did it on the Ed Sullivan show in 1969'' so they began with their famous dance routine rotating in unison singing ‘I Want You Back' continuing with a medley of their popular Motown hits ‘ABC,' ‘The Love You Save' and ‘Never Can Say Goodbye.'

Some of Michael Jackson's best hits ‘Rock With You' ‘Wanna be Startin Somethin‘ and ‘Don't Stop Till You Get Enough' were included as fans shouted ‘'We love you Michael!''

The Jacksons introduced the musicians and each musician in turn did a short solo instrumental performance.

There were touching moments when images of the Jackson family were projected on screen whilst The Jacksons sang ballads especially when Jermaine sang an affectionate tribute to his brother Michael ‘Gone Too Soon.'

The concert rounded off with an extended version of ‘Shake Your Body' while the Jacksons invited their backing singers to join them dancing on stage after which The Jacksons leapt around shaking hands with people in the audience.

In 2009 my mum Amita and I had the pleasure of meeting Tito Jackson during David Gest's ‘My Life' soul show at the Hammersmith Apollo just months after Michael Jackson had passed away. 

It was hugely uplifting seeing The Jacksons perform together for people of all ages and, as far as music is concerned the concert was the highlight of my year so far.  I hope the Unity Tour wasn't The Jacksons' last tour as they were only in London for one night which wasn't enough...we want more!

© Article & photos by Gina Chrysanthou


Supporting Act Deniece Pearson


            Jermaine Jackson                        Jackie Jackson


           Marlon Jackson                            Tito Jackson


          Jermaine Jackson                       


       Jackie Jackson                                   Tito & Jackie 


                Marlon Jackson


           Tito Jackson


           Jermaine Jackson


                Tito & Jackie                   Jackie, Jermaine & Marlon


            Marlon Jackson















Tito Jackson and Gina of Pukka PR at Hammersmith Apollo in 2009


Amita Chatterji with Tito Jackson & friend at Hammersmith Apollo

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