Wimbledon - American Pie on the Fourth of July



 Savouring victory:
Congratulations had come raining down
And Alan Mills was always around

The Umpire had descended from his high chair
Now the ball girls n boys were in the public glare
And thunderous applause electrified the air.

Engaged in a long euphoric kiss during his lap of
Honour on Centre Court, the Victor's lips were
Pressed against the coveted antique trophy.
Sampras, refreshed in victory was absorbing the
Nectar of sweet success especially as it had been
An all American twin win with the Ladies' Singles
Title being scooped up by the delighted Davenport.
It was a grand slam mega wham!
The gilded trophies having been presented by the Duke
And Duchess of Kent to the jubilant, hungry champions
At Wimbledon.

The Finals:
Following the utterance of ‘PLAY'
The finalists were well on their way

An accurate service with tremendous pace
Each competitor wanted to win the race

Lobby, a wild smash, straight into the net
An overhead pass perhaps a better bet

A champion always hangs in there
Digging his heels in the face of a dare

Listen to the tock, tock, of violent volleys
Until the spectators resort to brollies!

Perfect placing or wrong footing
Energy into strokes they'd be putting

Power play, brutal returns, savage serves,
Grass-scorching shots jangling one's nerves
Diagonal ground strokes in a long rally
Difficult for competitors to stay pally

Play reaches fever pitch, crowds roar
As they see the players' final score

Oohing n aahing during a duel in the sun
Cruel for the one who hasn't won.

Anyone for tennis?

By Amita Chatterji ã

Poem archived by the curator Honor Godfrey
at the Lawn Tennis Wimbledon Museum '99

First posted on website 4/7/07

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